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Sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate)

Sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate)

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Sodium sulfate, sulfate sodium - crystallizational sulfate of sodium turns out in viscose production at interaction of sulfuric acid with a caustic natr or sodium salts. Sulfate of sodium represents colourless crystals or powder of white color, we will dissolve in water, does not slezhivatsya, malogigroskopichen. Meets in the nature in the form of a mineral of a tenardit. Waterless sulfate of sodium is steady higher than temperature of 32 °C, below this temperature crystallizes. In the nature this crystalline hydrate forms a mineral mirabilit (to a glauberov salt).

Sodium sulfate technical GOST 6318 - 77 is received from natural galurgichesky raw materials. Depending on a method of receiving and a scope sodium sulfate technical is let out brands A (the highest, the first and second grades) and B.
And - the product received by industrial methods, the highest and first grades intends for the pulp - and - paper, chemical, glass industry and other purposes.
The B - the product received under natural conditions intends as well as a product of the second grade of brand But only for the glass industry.

Chemical formula: Na2SO4.

Sodium sulfate as one of the main components of furnace charge in production of glass is applied; when processing wood (sulphitic cooking of cellulose), when dyeing cotton fabrics, for receiving viscose silk, various chemical compounds - silicate and sulfide of sodium, sulfate of ammonium, soda, sulfuric acid. It is applied in construction as an antifrosty additive and the accelerator of a skhvatyvaniye of concrete mix. Also sulfate of sodium is applied in production of synthetic detergents; solutions of sulfate of sodium are used as heat accumulator in the devices keeping solar energy.

Physical and chemical indicators of technical sulfate of sodium
Name of an indicator Norm for brand and a grade
And B
The highest The first The second
1. Appearance Powder or granules of white color, is allowed a grayish shade. Powder of white color, is allowed a grayish shade.
2. Mass fraction of sulfate sodium (Na2SO4), % , not less 99.4 98.0 97.0 94.0
3. Mass fraction of the insoluble rest in water, % , no more 0.4 0.9 1.2 4.5
4. A mass fraction of chlorides in terms of chloride sodium (NaCl), % , no more 0.2 0.7 1.2 2.0
5. Mass fraction of sulfate calcium (CaSO4), % , no more - - - 1.0
6. Mass fraction of ions of magnesium (Mg2 + ), % , no more 0.02 0.10 0.20 -
7. A mass fraction of iron in terms of Fe2O3, % , no more 0.010 0.015 0.030 0.030
8. Mass fraction of water, % , no more 0.1 1.0 4.0 7.0

Sodium sulfate technical (sodium sulfate) GOST 6318 - 77. Safety requirements.
Danger class 4
Main properties and types of danger
Main properties Powder or granules of white color, is allowed a grayish shade.
Vzryvo - and fire danger It is fire and explosion - proof. Pylevozdushny mix is not explosive.
Danger to the person
Means of individual protection Overalls. Antidust respirators of the Petal - 5 ShB - 1 type.
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Sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate)
Sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate)
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