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Dioctyl phthalate, plasticisers or dispersants

Dioctyl phthalate, plasticisers or dispersants

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Minimum scope of supply 1tn. At the order of volume from 10tn - 2,3$/kg



formula: C6H4(COOC8H17)2

Group: Industrial chemistry

Look: colourless or slightly yellowish oily liquid

Supplier: Supplier: LLC Company Plazma ®

Packing: barrel of 200 l

Producer: Czech Republic

Dioktilftalat represents colourless or slightly yellowish oily liquid with a slight fruit smell. Is widespread softener and the high-boiling solvent. Possesses the chemical properties inherent in air of complex aromatic acids.

Low viscosity, low-volatility, resistance to influence of air and the good dissolving ability is characteristic of dioctylphthalate, it is dissolved in ethanol, petroleum air, chloroform, benzene, acetone, but we will practically not dissolve in water, solubility makes 0,1%.
Density is 0,98 g/cm ³. Temperature of hardening is -54 °C, temperature of boiling is 229 °C.

Dioktilftalat receive an eterifikation of phthalic anhydride oktanoly in the presence of catalysts. for example, arylsulfonic acids or tetraalkyltitanates. When using the sour catalyst dioctylphthalate from the received reactionary mix is emitted the same as dibutylphthalate.

Dioktilftalat is intended for plasticization of vinyl pitches and other polymers in production of cable plastic compounds, artificial skin, rubber products, polymeric construction materials, linoleum, film and sheet materials, packing films, polyvinylchloride laying for refrigerators, kronen-korochny laying and for other purposes.

Dioktilftalat of the premium use for translucent not colored, light-resistant materials on the basis of PVC and so forth.
Dioktilftalat of the first grade use for painted in light tone of polymeric materials in production the claim. skin, varnishes, etc.
Dioktilftalat of the second grade use for painted in dark tone of polymeric materials, and also for sazhenapolnenny products and so forth.

Use of DOF softener

Basic purpose - preparation for production of PVC plastic compounds.

  • Production of linoleum.
  • Production of artificial skin, awning materials, oilcloths.
  • Production of plastic compounds of cable and medical compoundings. There is not a lot of such productions in the country, and, generally they are combined with production suspenzionnoypvkh pitches. Example of the producer of JSC Vladimir Chemical Plant Vladimir.
  • Production of plastic compounds of shoe compoundings. Production, less strict from the point of view of quality. Often together with DOFOM use secondary softeners (EDOS, chloroparaffin).
  • Production of PVC toys, molded articles.
  • Production of so-called "rubber" footwear from PVC.
  • Production of gloves with a dusting or with tochechka.
  • Production of plastisols of PVC and sealants.
  • DOF will be applied at production of PVC of mastics to anticorrosive protection of a body of the car.
  • DOF is used as dibutylphthalate substitute in the following productions:
  • As softener by production of NTs-enamels.
  • As softener by production of RTI-products.
  • It is used as conservation oil at long preservation of the equipment.
  • It is used as an anticorrosive additive by production of industrial oils.

Safety requirements.
During the work with DOF softener (dioctylphthalate) it is necessary to observe the main precautionary measures at the treatment of chemicals.
Dioktilftalat on impact on an organism belongs to the 2nd class of danger.
Production rooms have to be provided with a supply and exhaust ventilation. During the work with Dioktilftalat it is necessary to apply special clothes and means of individual protection.
At fire softener is extinguished thinly sprayed water or foam.

Packing, transportation and storage.
Dioktilftalat fill in 200 l or railway tanks from 30 to 60 t in barrels.
Dioktilftalat transport all means of transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on this type of transport.
Dioktilftalat store in a container of the manufacturer or in hermetically closed aluminum capacities, and also in capacities from stainless steel. At storage it is necessary to take the measures providing protection against hit of moisture and influence of direct sunshine.
The warranty period of storage of DOF softener makes from 6 months to 1 year, depending on a container.

LLC Company Plazma ® carries out deliveries of chemical production from a warehouse in Kharkiv in terms and for reasonable prices, on conditions, favorable to you.

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Dioctyl phthalate, plasticisers or dispersants
Dioctyl phthalate, plasticisers or dispersants
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